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SMCPexamples are being developed by Peter John (Maritime Faculty of Jade University of Applied Sciences) and Tomaž Gregorič (Spinaker company).

Peter John

Peter John is a senior lecturer of English and Spanish at the Maritime Faculty of Jade University of Applied Sciences. He holds a degree in Translation and Interpretation Studies. His research interests are in the field of quantitative linguistics and maritime communication. He is a member of the Paper and Activities Committee of the International Maritime English Conference (IMEC) and an honorary examiner for Spanish at the Oldenburg Chamber of Commerce.

Contact: http://team.jade-hs.de/kontakt/index.php?id=934


Tomaž Gregorič

Tomaž Gregorič is director of Spinaker, a private maritime education and training company. Spinaker provides several short courses in classroom environments, at sea and over the internet. Spinaker has been co-operating with maritime colleges, academies and faculties for many years. In these partnerships Spinaker has provided the IT support. The mostly used products developed with other maritime education and training organisations include www.egmdss.com and www.martel.pro

Contact: tomaz.gregoric ( at ) spinaker.si

Official SMCPexamples contact email is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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